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GForge has tools to help your team collaborate, like message forums and mailing lists; tools to create and control access to Source Code Management repositories like CVS and Subversion. GForge automatically creates a repository and controls access to it depending on the role settings of the project.

GForge comes with a plugin for CCNET that contains a publisher.

This documentation is built off what documentation is available and looking at the plugin through Reflector

GForge Configuration

Name Description Type Required Default
CruiseControlId ID of the cruisecontrol assigned to the project integer true
Hash the value defined in the cruisecontrol.conf in the GForge plugin directory for cruisecontrol string true
Host The GForge host name string true
ProjectId The ID of the GForge project integer true
Port The GForge port integer false
SSL If SSL should be used when publishing to GForge boolean false false


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