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The ability to allow 3rd party plugins to check for updates has been added. This is not automatic, it has to be done for each plugin on the new Plugins tab of the Options dialog. If an assembly defines the UpdateFeedAttribute, then a plugin is able to check for updates. The update feed attribute is passed a Url to an RssFeed. This feed should define the namespace (Shema).

Each item in the rss feed can define Update Information. Below is an example of an UpdateInfo section.

      <update:UpdateInfo UpdatedDate="2008-01-20T22:03:15.68400-06:00" Version="1.0.918.12481" Mode="Stable">
        Latest Version
          <update:File FileSize="1024923" 
                 Restart="true" Version="1.0.918.12481" />
          <update:Command>del .\ccnetplugins.config</update:Command>

Name Description Required Type Default
UpdatedDate This is the date and time of the release True DateTime
Version The version of the update. True Version
Mode The type of update. This can be either Stable or Beta True String
Comments A description of the update that is displayed to the user. All Html is stripped. False String
Files A collection of files that will be downloaded. Currently the updater will only download the first file. True
File The file information so the updater can download the updates True
FileSize The size of the update archive True Long
Location The url where the updater can download the archive. True String
Restart Indicates if the application needs to restart for the updates to take place (not currently implemented, it will always restart) True Boolean
Version The version that the archive will update the files being updated to. True Version
Commands A collection of commandline actions that can take place before the archive is extracted. False Array
Command A command line action that takes place before the archive is extracted. False String

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